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Captains on Lake Michigan aboard Nicky Boy Charters

Boats need captains. Someone needs to be in charge. You can have the pleasure of fishing with expert captains on Lake Michigan thanks to Nicky Boy Charters.

Unlike some other companies that fish part-time, the captains of Nicky Boy Charters are on their boats mostly every day during fishing season from April through October, full-time. That kind of dedication to fishing […]

Charter Fishing Captains on Lake Michigan

If you know someone who likes to fish, connect them with some of the best charter fishing captains on Lake Michigan from Nicky Boy Charters.

Right now is as good a time as any to purchase a gift card for someone you know who loves to fish and would jump at the chance to go out on the water with experienced […]

Lake Michigan Fishing Captains aboard Nicky Boy Charters

lake_michigan_fishing_captainsThe thing about Lake Michigan fishing captains is that they’re all lively characters with stories to tell. You have to be a little wild to take a boat out on the unpredictable waters of Lake Michigan and hunt for fish worth taking pictures of– after reeling ‘em in.

Nicky Boy Charters has four […]

Lake Michigan Fishing Parties with Nicky Boy Charters

lake_michigan_fishing_partiesLake Michigan fishing parties are what the captains and crew at Nicky Boy Charters do well, especially for bachelor and bachelorette parties.

An alternative to the bar scene for a bachelor or bachelorette party is a Lake Michigan fishing party, where you gather a bunch of people together and go out on one […]

Avoid Sea Sickness On Lake Michigan

avoid_sea_sickness_on_lake_michiganTo avoid sea sickness on Lake Michigan there are some things to consider before getting on a fishing charter boat and going out on the water.

Feeling sick on a boat is pure misery, and no one wants to feel dizzy, disoriented, and ready to puke at any time, right? The thing is […]

Salmon Fishing Lake Michigan with Packers Alumni

salmon_fishing_lake_michiganAt Nicky Boy Charters, we’re having a great time salmon fishing Lake Michigan this summer.

Where did the time go? We’ve been reeling in so many fish, and taking so many pictures of the big ones that we just realized it’s already mid-season! You know what they say—time flies when you’re having fun! […]

Salmon Trolling Tips on Lake Michigan

salmon_trolling_tips_on_lake_mchiganNicky Boy Charters is glad to offer fishermen some salmon trolling tips on Lake Michigan.

Lake Michigan’s weather conditions change often, and it’s important to know how weather affects trolling. If you’re looking at a clear, blue sky after a low pressure front, you’re going to need to work smaller spoons, lures or […]

Fishing on Lake Michigan with Nicky Boy Charters

fishing_on_lake_michiganFishing on Lake Michigan is one of life’s greatest pleasures, and serves as a great way for parents and kids to bond.

Kids need their parents’ time. It’s what matters most. How many kids have you seen showing off on the playground to any adult who will give them some attention? Kids crave attention. […]

Lake Michigan Fishing Report from Nicky Boy Charters


This just in: your Lake Michigan fishing report calls for great salmon and trout fishing in 2014.

In Ozaukee County, Wisconsin, where Nicky Boy Charters is based at Port Washington Marina, it’s only April and already people are looking for a great Lake Michigan fishing report.

At the Port Washington shore near the power […]

Charter Fishing Lake Michigan with Nicky Boy Charters

charter_fishing_lake_michiganAfter a long, cold winter in Wisconsin, there are two things many people look forward to each spring. Early April means opening day for the Milwaukee Brewers and opening day for Port Washington Marina. Baseball and fishing—doesn’t get more American than that!

Speaking of fishing, Port Washington […]

Salmon Fishing on Lake Michigan for all Ages!

salmon_fishing_on_lake_michiganWhile there are many fishing charter services a person can choose from to do a salmon fishing trip on Lake Michigan, the best one is Nicky Boy Charters of Port Washington.

According to (Milwaukee’s Channel 12), Nicky Boy Charters has won an A-list Award two years in a […]

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