salmon_fishing_on_lake_michiganWhile there are many fishing charter services a person can choose from to do a salmon fishing trip on Lake Michigan, the best one is Nicky Boy Charters of Port Washington.

According to (Milwaukee’s Channel 12), Nicky Boy Charters has won an A-list Award two years in a row as “Best Fishing Charter” for the region. Over 100,000 people weigh in with their votes for the A-list Awards, and Nicky Boy Charter Fishing is described by one person as “class act all the way.” The fan goes on to say Nicky Boy “has the best captains in Port Washington—they always find the fish.”

Sometimes people assume fishing is a man’s thing, but the reality is fishing is popular with both men and women. The thrill of the catch and the camaraderie of everyone on the boat make for a good time Salmon Fishing on Lake Michigan!

Definitely check out Nicky Boy’s photo gallery to see what a trip is like. If you have young children who spend way too much time on their iPads and computer devices, it’s time to introduce them to real life fishing. There’s nothing else quite like the feel of charter fishing Lake Michigan—an adventurous time for families to bond on the water. Will the young ones reel in a catch? Will they smile ear-to-ear with the satisfaction of knowing they helped catch “the big one?”

In life, most things are mundane. A trip to the grocery store, time in school, and watching a movie are all pretty average things we do. Salmon fishing on Lake Michigan is something out of the ordinary—an experience that livens up people’s lives and gives them something to talk about for years.

Too many people are spending their life in front of screens, missing out on the fun of being out in the elements. With Nicky Boy Charters, groups of people enjoy time Salmon Fishing on Lake Michigan with the goal of catching salmon, trout and other fish. Experience an “A-list” winner—make your reservations today by calling 1-877-896-5500.