Lake_Michigan_FishingNicky Boy Charters offers the finest fishing on Lake Michigan. With the largest fleet in Port Washington, Wisconsin, Nicky Boy is known for covering more water than anyone else.

We have four boats on the water which means more teamwork from your captain, not to mention 94 years of combined experience between the four of them. This April, the season begins in Port Washington, Wisconsin, and stretches all the way ‘til October. The Lake Michigan Fishing Report for 2014 is looking good—lots of trout and salmon are waiting to be caught.

Lake Michigan fishing is known for its variety of salmon. The Chinook (aka King Salmon) originally came from the Pacific Ocean, and have been stocked in the lake for more than three decades. Nowadays, natural reproduction is occurring in the streams and rivers near Lake Michigan, furthering the supply of Chinook. May through October is the prime time to catch them.

Coho (aka Silver Salmon) have been in Lake Michigan for at least four decades. Like the Chinook, they’re also originally from the Pacific Ocean. Coho generally start at the southern end of Lake Michigan in the spring, and migrate along the shoreline heading north ‘til June, when they disperse to deeper waters.

Lake Michigan is also home to some Pink Salmon and Atlantic Salmon. Pink Salmon often get mistaken for baby Chinooks. Back in the 1950s, Pink Salmon were brought from the Pacific Ocean to Lake Superior. Eventually, over time, they ended up in both Lake Huron and Lake Michigan.

Nicky Boy Charter’s offers a Chinook and Coho Special, which includes five hours of afternoon fishing, one night’s lodging, and then five hours of sunrise fishing.

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