lake_michigan_charter_fishingNicky Boy Charters offers fun Lake Michigan charter fishing trips, and if you’re in business for yourself or working for a company, taking a client out on the water for an adventure is a sure way to impress them.

Everyday life can become mundane. How many times can a person check their email or have their morning cup of coffee at a cubicle before they get frustrated by their repetitive, boring work day situation? All work and no play makes anyone dull especially without Lake Michigan Charter Fishing!

The thing about clients is that they’re people, too. And people like to have fun, just like you do. What better way to get to know a client/person than to go on Lake Michigan with a charter fishing service that takes care of the details so you and your client(s) can chat and get to know one another better?

The board room can sometimes be considered the bored room. But put people on a fishing boat together and you’ll hear things said you otherwise wouldn’t hear in a more formal setting. Taking a Lake Michigan charter fishing boat trip with Nicky Boy Charters makes for a memorable outing, away from the problems of the day. Surrounded by the beauty of nature, there’s the added excitement of hauling in “the big one” and then taking a photograph to share with friends and family later on.

According to an article on, under Jim’s Journal, one businessman says, “My customers buy their signs from me because I know them and hunt and fish with them. If you call up a customer and you just sell signs, more than likely that person won’t talk to you. But if you call up that same client, and you hunt and fish with him, the secretary knows to put you right through to him. People do business with folks they know and like.” True.

In business, it comes down to relationships. People like doing business with people whom they know and trust and feel comfortable with– so if your client expresses any interest in fishing, it’s a no-brainer: book a Lake Michigan charter fishing trip with Nicky Boy Charters