This just in: your Lake Michigan fishing report calls for great salmon and trout fishing in 2014.

In Ozaukee County, Wisconsin, where Nicky Boy Charters is based at Port Washington Marina, it’s only April and already people are looking for a great Lake Michigan fishing report.

At the Port Washington shore near the power plant discharge, anglers have been catching rainbow trout using spawn sacs on three way rigs about 12 inches off the bottom, floating in the current. Meanwhile, at the Port Washington ramp, the launch piers are in the water now, and a couple boats spotted within the breakwater/harbor area have been catching brown trout.

Last fishing season, Lake Michigan anglers caught large 20 to 30 pound Chinook salmon. This year, the Chinooks’ forage base of alewife is in poorer condition, with less fat in their tissue. That’s good news for anglers because the salmon will be hungry and more apt to bite lures. While the salmon may not be as huge, size-wise, as last year, the catch rates are expected to be higher. According to regulations, anglers are allowed to catch and keep five salmon a day.

More than half a million Chinook salmon are set to be stocked in Lake Michigan this May, and, overall, anglers should expect to find a full range of Chinook age classes in the lake this summer.

Because of the cold winter, coho are expected to stay in the southern part of the basin of the lake a bit longer than in years’ past. Forecasters predict that it will be a good coho salmon fishing season overall in 2014.

The lake’s surface temps have been in the 30s recently, just above freezing. As the water warms up, expect more and more fishing charter boats to be taking groups of anglers out on the water to fish. Nicky Boy Charters has the experience and adventurous spirit to take you and your friends and family for a great fishing trip to catch salmon and trout with our great Lake Michigan fishing report—book your trip today!