lake_michigan_salmon_fishingThe rock band Green Day has a popular song that says, “It’s something unpredictable but in the end is right; I hope you had the time of your life.” Were they singing about fishing? Maybe.

Lake Michigan salmon fishing is unpredictable and can end up literally being the “time of your life.” A trip with Nicky Boy Charters makes for a memorable social activity, coming together with friends and family– some old, some new–embarking on an adventure to see what’s biting.

These days we tend to always be living for others, and while that’s a noble thing, don’t forget to schedule in some “me time.” A fishing trip is a gift to yourself. Bring a couple buddies along if you want to make it a competition, for fun, to see who gets what. The thrill of the hunt rarely fails to get a person’s adventurous spirit going. There’s nothing else like a day on a boat in the water fishing Lake Michigan.

Nicky Boy Charters starts off the Lake Michigan salmon fishing season in April this year Port Washington, WI. Different seasons offer different fishing conditions, but one thing’s for sure: any day is a good day to fish, right?

After all, fishing is about feeling good. Lake Michigan salmon fishing has health benefits– soak in the Vitamin D from the sunshine, relax as you listen to the waves and water around you, and give your arms a decent workout casting your lines and hauling fish in. And, if you’re the type who likes to eat fish, take the salmon you catch to shore for dinner!

Covering more water than anyone else offering Lake Michigan salmon fishing, Nicky Boy Charters is ready to help you have fun fishing on the lake, having “the time of your life.” Call 1-877-896-5500 to reserve your fishing package today before all the dates get booked up.