fishing_on_lake_michiganFishing on Lake Michigan is one of life’s greatest pleasures, and serves as a great way for parents and kids to bond.

Kids need their parents’ time. It’s what matters most. How many kids have you seen showing off on the playground to any adult who will give them some attention? Kids crave attention. They want to know they’re loved, cared for, and matter to someone.

They’re not going to get those needs fulfilled with their head buried in a video game. Sure, the video games of today serve as decent babysitters for when parents and adults need some “time off,” but the problem with society today is that kids are more likely to be raised by what they see on a screen than what they actually do in real life.

Do you want sedentary kids who spend all their time staring at screens, doing games like “virtual fishing” and such? No way! Think back to your own childhood, and how you can vividly remember the days your dad or mom took you out into the wilderness for an adventure, like hiking, hunting or fishing. Those were the days.

Fishing on Lake Michigan is a way to get you and your kids out on the water, with the wind in your hair, the sound of birds in the air, waves lapping up against the boat, and the great mystery of “what lies beneath.” It’s time to put away the electronic gadgets and get close to nature, and Nicky Boy Charters is ready to take you and your kids on the lake for a fun, memorable fishing adventure.

Imagine your son or daughter’s glee when they reel in their first salmon or trout. Fishing on Lake Michigan is a feeling of accomplishment they won’t soon forget. Once they’re “hooked” on fishing, if they enjoy it you can expect them to say, “Dad/Mom, when are we going again?” Fishing on Lake Michigan can become one of those things you do together, a great bonding experience through the years. Fishing is both peaceful and frenzied. You wait for a bite. Then, when it happens, you feverishly reel it in to see if you caught “the big one.” It’s a pastime that’s existed for centuries—an important thing for your child to experience in life.

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