port_washington_fishing_charterThe Port Washington fishing charter service known as Nicky Boy Charters is the best charter to fish on Lake Michigan.

First of all, Nicky Boy has the largest fleet of boats out of Port Washington, Wisconsin. With four boats operating 7 days a week, the Captains and their crews can accommodate several people and even small groups who want to get out on the water and see what they can catch.

Furthermore, Nicky Boy Charters has earned the coveted “A-List Award” from WISN-TV, for “best fishing charter,” two years in a row. Indeed, Nicky Boy’s reputation is outstanding, with many successful stories of the ones that DIDN’T get away.

Just a quick peek at the Nicky Boy Facebook page reveals lots of fish and big ones at that—from salmon to trout. Simply said, the Port Washington fishing charter of choice is Nicky Boy.

For those of you who may be a little leery of going out on the lake in a fishing boat, Nicky Boys’ boats have private restrooms, as well as heat and air, so they’re comfortable. You’ll get a Lake Michigan license onboard if you need one, and the Captain and crew can supply you with fishing tackle as well as the use of the latest in fishing gear and electronics. In other words, you just show up and have fun!

As Port Washington’s favorite fishing charter service, Nicky Boys’ boats can take out 6 people (per Coast Guard regulations), with up to 18 lines for 6 people no matter what size the boat. That means up to 3 rods per person, helping ensure everyone gets the opportunity to catch some salmon, trout or other surprise from the waters below.

Finally, it’s important to consider what people who’ve used Nicky Boy Charters have had to say about their experience. Comments have included, “Captain Chris was by far the best guide we have ever fished with,” “Best charter on Lake Michigan,” and “Best charter ever! Captain Brock knows his stuff, got fish consistently, and had a blast doing it.”

What are you waiting for? Book your fishing trip with Nicky Boy Charters today.