salmon_fishing_lake_michiganAt Nicky Boy Charters, we’re having a great time salmon fishing Lake Michigan this summer.

Where did the time go? We’ve been reeling in so many fish, and taking so many pictures of the big ones that we just realized it’s already mid-season! You know what they say—time flies when you’re having fun! Or is it “time flies when you’re having fun fishing?”

Two major things happened recently. The good folks from came aboard Nicky Boy II with Captain Brock Schmidt to film for their TV show. You should go to and sign up for their free weekly newsletter so you’ll get an email to find out when the Nicky Boy show will air. And the other cool thing this summer has been our P.A.R. 13 deal, where we bring aboard Green Bay Packers’ alumni to fish with their fans—how cool is that?

This summer has been fun having “football player-fishermen” Chris Jacke (#13), Chris Francies (#83) and others on our excursions.

If you were thinking of salmon fishing Lake Michigan, what are you waiting for? You’ve got to get out on the water soon, since it is prime time and we’re having a ball seeing what we catch. On our Facebook page, we’ve been posting lots of pictures of the fish people have caught, including some big Kings. There are plenty of salmon and trout in Lake Michigan, and the Captains at Nicky Boy Charters know where to find them. Get some friends or family members together and book a trip soon, before summer ends. Nicky Boy Charters accommodates everyone from novices to seasoned fishing vets.

When you can’t seem to get the idea of salmon fishing Lake Michigan out of your head, you simply have to get out there and see if you’ll catch ‘em. If you’re like most people, the bigger the better, right? Fishing is fun, and on Nicky Boy Charters we have a great time every time.