Monthly Archives: May 2015

Springtime fishing has started, Lake Michigan Charter Fishing

April 21st was the day we had waited for—the big boat launch day when we put all four of our boats in the water at Port Washington Marina. Our Lake Michigan charter fishing service couldn’t happen without our beloved boats in the water, you know? Our Nicky Boy boats were put into the water via…
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Salmon Trolling Tips on Lake Michigan

Nicky Boy Charters is glad to offer fishermen some salmon trolling tips on Lake Michigan. Lake Michigan’s weather conditions change often, and it’s important to know how weather affects trolling. If you’re looking at a clear, blue sky after a low pressure front, you’re going to need to work smaller spoons, lures or baits at…
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Fishing on Lake Michigan with Nicky Boy Charters

Fishing on Lake Michigan is one of life’s greatest pleasures, and serves as a great way for parents and kids to bond. Kids need their parents’ time. It’s what matters most. How many kids have you seen showing off on the playground to any adult who will give them some attention? Kids crave attention. They…
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